Why Having a Dental Insurance is a Win-Win for Small Businesses Owners & their Employees?

Dental health is an essential part of overall wellness and one that cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, a recent survey found 77 million adults in the US do not have dental insurance. This means they are at risk for oral conditions like bad breath, which can become much worse without proper care by their dentist every six months (or whenever necessary). People who identify people of color, veterans, among others- face additional obstacles when accessing quality dentistry services due largely because these demographics lack comparable representation within medical fields such as orthopedics surgery, general practice, etc.

Oral hygiene is essential in each individual’s life. A person who sincerely addresses oral care stays away from many other health issues. However, sometimes, due to negligence or lack of time, people are not able to visit dentists. Under such circumstances, it becomes beneficial if employers can arrange dental insurance coverage for their employees.

Small business owners can opt for group dental insurance for their employees and avail of many benefits in the process. Such coverage is beneficial to the workers as well as to the owners. Read on to know the vital aspects of how group dental insurance for small business owners is a win-win situation for both the owners and the workers.

What is the Significance of Oral Hygiene and why Visits to Dentists is a Must?

Good oral care is crucial for every person. Anyone who does not care about their oral hygiene shall face the consequences sooner or later. Direct disorders related to the buccal cavity, tooth, gums, etc., can arise due to poor oral care. Likewise, unhygienic conditions can also cause diseases in other body parts.

Another factor worth mentioning here is the timely visits to the dentist. Many people hesitate visiting the dentist due to their apprehension. Some others may postpone the consultation due to their busy schedules. When the person does find time to fix an appointment, the problem may have already been aggravated. Thus, timely and regular visits to the dentist are essential to avoid expensive and urgent treatments.

Why Having a Dental Insurance is a Win-Win for Small Businesses Owners & their Employees - Health and Dental insurance for small business owners

How Does Dental Insurance Help Employees?

Dental insurance benefits employees in various ways, increasing their performance and job satisfaction.

  • The insurance plans have exhaustive coverage, assuring the workers of all facilities. These include routine dental check-ups, cleanings, X-rays, etc.
  • When employees visit in-network dentists, the fees are much lower in comparison to when they consult external doctors.
  • As the coverage spans regular sessions, it prevents the development of any major condition. In addition, it saves the employees’ money as the issue is addressed before it requires expensive treatment.
  • An important monetary benefit of dental insurance is its pre-tax savings. When workers pay for premiums via deduction from their salaries, exemption from income tax becomes applicable.

How Does Dental Insurance Coverage Benefit Employers?

Below are the advantages of having dental insurance for your employees-
Employees are more likely to accept a job offer if the company provides them with healthcare benefits. Surveys show that around 88% of the staff members are happier with their new firm if it provides dental or other health insurance coverage.

  • An employee is assured of the company’s responsibility in the event of any dental problem. This assurance transforms into more focused performance and job satisfaction. The workers feel secure when working in the organization, which reflects in their dedication and efficiency.
  • Oral problems are often an emergency. Thus, if a worker needs to visit the dentist urgently, it may lead to a sudden loss of workforce. On the other hand, when the owners arrange timely dental check-ups, such absenteeism is avoidable.
  • The workplace becomes safer and healthier if all employees have good oral hygiene. In addition, employees like to work in an ambiance where everyone is at the best of their well-being.

What are the Three Main Types of Dental Insurance Plans?

The following are the three types of dental insurance plans:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – One can select from external dentists who are not in the network. Employees may also go ahead with doctors from the panel within the network. The one advantage of in-network dentists is that they charge lesser. Also, the claim settlement is more convenient in the latter.
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) – The premiums in these plans are relatively lesser. However, one gets lesser options for choosing the dentist due to the limited network. Usually, employees have to select a primary dentist for all the appointments. Therefore, overall costs may also be lower.
  • Dual – As the name suggests, this dental insurance plan is the amalgamation of the above two. The individual can choose between PPO and HMO based on preference and affordability.
health and dental insurance for small businesses

What Insurance Covers Dental Treatment?

Generally, corporate group health insurance covers dental treatment as an add-on attribute. Some companies also provide corporate travel dental insurance concerning dental accidents during travel. All companies today are aware of the significance of dental health. Thus, most firms are tied-up with reliable insurers to render dental insurance that covers dental treatment. The treatments can comprise:

  • Fluoride treatments for preventive care
  • Extractions or filling for restorative care
  • Orthodontic treatment, including implantation of aligners or braces
  • Major treatments like root canals, dentures, etc.
group health and dental insurance for small businesses

How Dental Insurance Can Pay Off for the Employers?

Offering dental insurance is not just a nice perk for employees; it can actually pay off for employers in a number of ways. From reducing absenteeism to increasing productivity, there are many reasons why employers should consider offering dental insurance to their employees.

  • Reduced Absenteeism
    Employees who have dental insurance are more likely to visit the dentist on a regular basis. This means that they are less likely to experience tooth pain or other dental problems that could lead to absenteeism. In fact, one study found that employees with dental insurance were 27% less likely to miss work due to dental problems than those without dental insurance.
  • Increased Productivity
    It’s not just absenteeism that can be negatively affected by poor oral health. Studies have shown that employees who have untreated dental problems are less productive at work. This is because they may be in pain or distracted by their dental problems. By offering dental insurance, employers can help ensure that their employees are able to maintain good oral health and be as productive as possible.
  • Improved morale
    Employees who have access to dental insurance tend to have higher morale than those who do not. This is because they feel that their employer cares about their well-being and is willing to invest in their health. Additionally, employees who have good oral health are less likely to experience self-esteem issues, which can also lead to increased productivity.

The Closing Thoughts

Contacting a trusted insurer to arrange dental insurance for employers is a wise decision. The owners assure the workers of proactive healthcare facilities, and also develop a healthy workplace environment. Moreover, employees feel safer knowing the company has arranged such coverage. Hence, dental insurance becomes a win-win situation for the staff and the employers. Moreover, it helps develop a closer employee-employer relationship.

Brilliant Insurance is an experienced and trusted insurance company that strives to provide flexible plans and timely settlement. The team works sincerely to guide the workers at each step, from regular check-ups to claim settlement. Therefore, you can contact us for the best guidance and suggestions for choosing dental insurance plans for your small business.

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