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There are a bunch of great options available when it comes to evaluating different group health insurance quotes in Texas. You need to know the components of your quote before you can choose the one which suits your business needs.

At Brilliant Insurance, Plano, Texas, our advisors have years of experience in providing health insurance benefits from reputable insurance companies to big corporates as well as small & medium sized businesses. We have invested a lot of time and money in learning about state health care regulations and what it implies for our clients and their business operations.

We can put our expertise to use by developing a personalized health plan for your employees & members which satisfies all updated state guidelines and is within your price range. When you partner with Brilliant Insurance Agency, you’re dealing with qualified, experienced insurance agents who will provide you a different highly personalize experience you would have not tasted earlier. All our agents will provide zero obligation consulting & review of any existing healthcare plans across Plano, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
With our proper and honest guidance you can rest assured of making the right choices best suited for your employees’ requirements and financial situation.

We have years of expertise in the field, are ACA certified, offer in-house COBRA management, 1095 preparation, and are a BBB Accredited Company.

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We are a preferred agency for Group Health Insurance Plans for small, mid and large size businesses based in Plano, DFW, Texas.

Major medical quotes which are curated as per your business requirements and budget.

Choosing the best corporate health insurance & employee benefit broker in Plano, Texas can be a cumbersome task as there are so many options available these days. However, with Brilliant Insurance Agency you can be rest assured of highly personalized experience which you can’t afford to miss. Our pro agents can also help your business with free review of existing plan & free consultation.

Personalized Group Health Insurance Consultancy with 100% Peace of Mind

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Mitigating Claims, Finding Providers, & Answering Questions.

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Personalized Comprehensive Plans

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COBRA & State Continuation Administration

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    Prescription medications, wellness services, medical devices, and the majority of doctor and hospital visits are often covered by health insurance. Elective or cosmetic surgeries, beauty treatments, the use of drugs off-label, or brand-new technology are usually not covered by health insurance.

    Medical Insurance premium depends on various factors. Some major factors includes age, location, plan category, tobacco use, and whether the policy covers dependents or not.

    Your employees and their family can obtain high-quality healthcare at reasonable costs by having a health insurance coverage. Accidents and illnesses can strike suddenly, and medical care can be costly.

    A pre-existing condition is any disease or medical condition that you suffered from before your health insurance started.

    No, the health insurance providers pays commissions to brokers and agents of medical insurance. Whether you purchase a policy directly from an insurance company or through an agent, your insurance prices will never change. During the insurance registration process, an insurance agency can offer guidance & assistance at no additional cost.

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